DIY Chicken Run - Next to your Chicken Coop

Give space to your chickens

Chicken run design - Poultry house - Chicken waterers - Bird cages - Chicken coop plan

How to build a large chicken run next to your chicken coop?

 Check out this tutorial to know this DIY Idea:

Lean-to garden fence for saving cost!

DIY Large Outdoor Chicken enclosure!

Chicken run design idea
Large Chicken Run Design
  Building steps
  1: Install chicken run's frame posts
  2: Build the frame
  3: Install chicken wire to enclose walls
  4: Make the doors
  5: Attach doors to aviary's frame
  6: Bury chicken wire
  7: Strengthen the walls
  8: Design and finishing
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Chicken run frame idea
Chicken Run Framing
Poultry netting for chicken run
Unroll Poultry Netting

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