front yard landscaping idea without grass - front yard kitchen garden

DIY Front Yard Garden - Landscaping without Grass Idea

Idea for urban front yard garden


Tired to mow your lawn in your front yard? You want to grow food for your family in this place? You prefer planting flowers and shrubs in flower bed?

No problem, you can turn your front yard into an edible garden or a beautiful garden. I did this project in front of my country house but you can do that for a small urban front yard too.

Idea for lawn alternative!


Potager urbain - Jardin Urbain - Aménager un jardin potager en façade  
Front Yard without Grass Landscaping
  Landscaping Instructions
  1: Front Yard Garden - Material List
  2: Remove grass - Delineate garden path
  3: Install cardboard to kill lawn
  4: Put down wood chip mulch (RCW)
  5: Unroll Landscape fabric for garden path
  6: Raised Bed border - Edging Idea
  7: Spread the gravel in garden pathway
  8: Front Yard Without Lawn - Planting
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Jardin sans Gazon - Alternative Gazon - Aménagement en façade
Lawn Alternative
Jardin devant une maison - Étouffer le gazon - Aménagement d'un potager devant une maison
No-dig Flower Bed Material

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