filling planter boxes with flowers - diy window box - container planting instructions - potting mix

DIY Planting a Window Box - How to Plant a Planter Box

Container planting instructions


Planting annual flowers in a window box?

Making your own potting mix?

See this step-by-step instructions for filling your planter boxes with flowers.

 To learn how to fertilize and water containers, follow the guide!  

Tips for beautiful window boxes!


DIY Flower Planters - DIY Flower window box - DIY Container Planting - Planting in a planter box
How to arrange flower planter
  Step-by-step Instructions
  1: Choose the containers
  2: Soil, Peat Moss and Compost
  3: Make your own potting mix
  4: Plant annual flowers in Planter Box
  5: Watering Fertilizing and Caring
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