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DIY Cold Stratification Method - Cold Stratify Seeds for Germination

Improving Seed Germination



The Cold Stratification is the process by which we imitate the period of cold and moisture in nature required for perennials seeds germination (break dormancy). These perennials or native perennials seeds are much more difficult to germinate.

This instructions guide explain how to stratify seeds in the best condition to improve germination.


DIY Cold Stratification - Cols Moist Stratification Method
How to stratify seeds
  Stratification Method
  1: Materials needed for cold stratification
  2: Seed Stratification Method
  3: Placing seeds inside refrigerator
  4: Stratify Seeds - Improving Germination
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Plastic Hand Seeder - Materials needed for Cold Stratification
Cold Stratification Method
Placing seeds in refrigerator - Improving Germination
Improving Germination

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