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DIY Firewood Storage Sheds - How to build Cheap Firewood Shed Plan

Build a Cheap Firewood Log Store



Nothing beats the warmth of a wood heating system. The ventilated storage firewood allows drying.

For a bonfire or a fireplace, a dry wood is needed.

The storage of wood in a firewood shed is therefore essential.

Here is a step by step building pictures plan of our wood shed.


Wood Sheds - Firewood Log Store - DIY Wood shed
Wood Shed Design Idea
  Building Steps
  1: Level the ground / Install deck piers
  2: Attach joists and form the floor
  3: Build the framework for the walls
  4: Build Roof structure and covering
  5: Finishing and outcome
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Log Store - Wood Shed Plans - Firewood Shed
Framing Firewood Shed
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Wood shed plans
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