DIY Beds around House Foundation

How to make a flower bed around a house perimeter

Potting mix - Decorating elements - Plastic garden edging - Raised bed ideas - Garden landscaping

What do you need to transform your house perimeter into a beautiful beds?

It's too easy... just your imagination!

Remove the sod, dig the bed, prepare and install edging, fill bed with a rich soil and plant in with your favorite plants ans shrubs. That's it!

For saving time, why not to use the sheet mulching technique for killing weeds!

 Check out this how-to guide.
Get ready to landscape nex to your house foundation!

Garden bed shape idea - Curved design
  DIY Instructions
  1: Flower beds along side of house
  2: Make beds around a house foundation
  3: Using sheet mulching method
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Sheet mulching technique
Edging and filling beds

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Bed around house
Landscaping a curved bed around your house foundation
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Update: 07/31/22