DIY Cast Iron Cauldron Planter hanging to a Tripod

How to hang a vintage cast iron cauldron to a three logs of wood tripod

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You have a rusty old cast iron cauldron stored in your shed since a century? Why not to use it for making a vintage garden structures in your backyard!

Build a tripod from three logs of wood, reuse some lenghts of industrial chains and hang your cauldron with them.

To add a rustic look, you can plant your new containers using annual flowers like geraniums.

 It's an idea for a beautiful vintage planter!

Vintage Planter
Cast iron cauldron hanging on chains to a tripod
  Building Steps
  1: Everything you need to get started
  2: Build a tripod using three logs of wood
  3: Drilling drain holes in cast iron cauldron
  4: Fill the cauldron with potting mix
  5: Creating blooming cast iron planter
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Cast iron cauldron - Vintage Planter
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DIY three logs of wood tripod
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How to hang and plant a cast iron cauldron
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Update: 07/31/22