DIY Chicken Perch - How to make Hen Coop Chicken Roost

Cheap Way to build a Perch for Aviaries or Hen Coops

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Several species of birds, including chickens, have a natural need to perch. This is due to their instinct to protect against potential predators.

Making a perch is then essential to design an aviary or a chicken coop.

Build a perch is very simple and requires few materials.

Chicken perches - Chicken roost - Making Chicken Perch
Making wooden chicken perch
  Building Steps
  1: Make chicken roost bar or roosting rod
  2: Make the Poultry Perch supports
  3: Fixing Chicken Roost in hen coop
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Perch supports - Making chicken roost - Installing chicken perch
Hen perch support
Wooden bird perch - Perch height - Perch bar
Roosting bar

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Chicken perches
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