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DIY Chicken Tractor - Backyard Mobile Chicken Coop Plans

How to build a portable chicken ark on wheels

Chicken coop on wheels - Organic gardening tips - Chicken tractor plans - Chicken coop run
Chickens could Work for you in your garden?

Yes, but how?

Hens can feed on fresh grass as a lawn mover. Chickens eating insects in the garden too!

A chicken tractor is a movable chicken house without a floor. It's a permaculture tool! Information on a portable chicken coop?

Turn old tempo car shelter frame into a chicken tractor!

See this small mobile chicken coop building guide.

Mobile Chicken Building Guide - DIY Chicken Tractor
DIY Chicken Tractor
  Building Instructions
  1: Chicken Tractor Frame Idea
  2: Attach Poultry netting to the frame
  3: Strengthen and stain the frame
  4: Chicken Tractor Sliding Door
  5: Install the mobile hen house wheels
  6: Hens in the chicken tractor
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Mobile chicken house construction - Chicken Ark Project Guide
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Framing Chicken Tractor - Mount Mobile chicken coop frame
Recycled car shelter frame

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