Deck Stain - DIY Stain Raised Deck or Deck Porch Applying Deck stain

How to Stain a Deck

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Following the cleaning of the deck, it's now time to apply a transparent coating or translucent deck stain to protect your deck.

Staining a deck is a tedious task. Use a high-performance product for durability and optimum protection. Do a great staining job can give value to your property.

It should also consider keeping the original appearance of the wood.

DIY Stain Deck - Staning deck method
How to stain a wood deck
  Staining instructions
  1: Apply Wood Stain on decking
  2: Stain the railings - Victorian trims
  3: Wood Deck Care - Deck well protected
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How to stain a deck - applying deck stain
Applying wood stain
Sikkens - Wood preservative - Deck stain
High-performance deck stains

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Stain a deck
How to protect your deck
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