DIY Using Logs  for Edging Flowerbeds and Garden Paths

How to install logs horizontally as garden borders

Garden edging options - Brick edging - Plastic edging - Flagstone edging - Wooden edging

Organic and rustic look for your garden edging?

There is one option to choose from to achieve this landscaping goal; using logs as edging for your beds and paths.  

 Check out this how-to guide.

It's time for you to lay longer logs horizontally!

Horizontal garden borders
Red spruce to delimit path and beds
  DIY instructions
  1: Bed edging idea and delimit the outline
  2: Tools and list of materials
  3: Tip for transporting heavy logs easily
  4: How to set and fit logs in place
  5: Benefits of wooden log garden edging 
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Logs as garden borders 
Install logs to fit end to end
Log edging
Chainsaw needed

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Instructions for installing horizontal log edging
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