DIY Catching Koi and Goldfish using a Fish Trap

Buy a the best type of fish trap and set up it in your backyard pond

Collapsible pond fish trap  - Rid a pond of goldfish and koi - Backyard pond maintenance - Catch pond fish

Have goldfish or koi escaped from your pond into your garden stream?

Have your fish spawned and fry ended up in an undesirable place in your water garden, or would you like to capture them to save them for winter?

Fish traps are the solution for catching and saving them!

Check out this DIY Guide for selcting and installing a fish trap in your pond.

Catching fish in pond
Collapsible backyard pond fish trap
  DIY instructions
  1: Why use a pond fish trap
  2: The collapsible fish trap with thick wire
  3: How to set up a fish trap properly in your backyard pond or garden stream
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Goldfish in a pond 
Goldfish in a pond
Installer une nasse
How to set a fish trap

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Garden Ponf Fish Trap
Instructions for buying and setting in place a fish trap to control population or safe them from winter
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