DIY Garden Bridge - How to build Cheap Wooden Arch Garden Bridge

Arched Japanese Garden Bridge Design

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In summer 2012, I plan to build a 22 feet wooden arched bridge to cross my garden stream.

The creek separates my yard by 200 feet long.

Around its banks to reach the other side of the creek was not practical.

I didn't find anything on the internet to help me for this building. So I share my ornamental bridge project with you.

DIY Japanese Bridge - Cheap Japanese Bridge - Ornamental Bridge
Water Garden Bridge Building Idea
  Building Steps
  1: Build the wood arches or stringers
  2: Install the Bridge arches
  3: Attach the pillars or posts
  4: Build the bridge deck
  5: Install the bars railings
  6: Fix the handrails railings
  7: Build the garden bridge entrances
  8: Landscaping and Outcome
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