DIY Landscaping under Deck Stairs

How to kill weeds under your deck stairs and decorate with round stones

Decorative stones - Landscape fabric roll - Under deck storage - Deck plans - Ecofriendly tips

How to decorate and kill weeds under your deck stairs?

An easy way for decorating your under deck is to landscape it with free round stones from a farmer's field.

Prepare a bed with log edging and landscape fabric and that's it!

 Check out this how-to guide and get rid of weeds under your deck stairs!

DIY under deck stairs landscaping
Under deck stairs landscaping idea
  DIY Instructions
  1: Collect round stones in the fields
  2: Lay the stone bed and log edging
  3: Fill under deck steps area with stones
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Under deck stairs bed 
Under deck stairs bed
Collecting stones from fields
Collecting stones from fields

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Under deck
How to decorate under deck stairs
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