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DIY Lean-to Chicken Coop - Backyard Hen Coop Plan

How to build a slanted chicken coop with nesting boxes

Urban chicken coop plans - Hen Coop Ideas - Backyard chicken coops - Hen house supplies
City chickens in your own backyard?

Yes we can!

But, how to build your urban backyard slant roof chicken coop?

We must provide to your chicken a nesting place and a chicken run.

See this DIY guide about Lean-to Chicken Coop.

DIY Lean-to-chicken coop - DIY Hen house - DIY Hen coop
DIY Urban Chicken Coop
  Building Idea
  1: Slanted Roof Wooden Chicken Coop
  2: Hen house framing and Door
  3: Hen Coop Nest Box Building Idea
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Chicken Nesting boxes - Chicke nest - DIY Nesting Boxes
Chicken Nest Box
Slant Roof chicken coop building idea - DIY Slanted rood chicken coop - Backyard chicken keeping
Inclined Roof Hen Coop

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Lean-to chicken coop
Lean-to Chicken Coop Plans
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