DIY Organic Mulch - Making & Using Wood Chip Mulch in Garden

Ramial Chipped Wood Guide (RCW)

Sheet mulching - Organic mulch - Ramial Chipped wood - Wood chips from tree services

The Ramial Chipped Wood can stimulate biological activity in the soil and are very effective as mulch. By composting, the RCW is transformed into humus.

So you can recreate your soil and make it rich in micro-organisms. Living soil is the best way to take care of your garden plants! It's common practice for Permaculture.

Idea to make your own garden mulch!

Ramial Chipped Wood RCW - Organic Mulching - Garden mulch
Wood Chip Mulch
  Making RCW
  1: The tree material to make RCW
  2: Chippers and delivery by pruners
  3: Making a cardboard flower bed
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Sheet mulching
Organic mulch for cardboard garden beds
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