DIY Decorative Outdoor Outlet Post

How to install an outlet on a tree strump as post

Garden decorating ideas - GFCI electrical outlet - Landscaping around a tree stump - Electricity in garden

How to landscape your main entrance and install an outlet for your garden power tools?

Choose a tall trunk or a cedar stump, set it in your main entrance, landscape around and fix an outdoor outlet on it.

For getting a rustic look with a stump turned into a sculpture, its a garden art!

 Check out this how-to guide.
Idea to decorate and bring power anywhere in your garden!

DIY Outdoor outlet
Tree stump as a decorative outlet post
  DIY Instructions
  1: Mounting idea - Fixing an outlet
  2: Attach decorative stump to the ground
  3: Landscape installation spot
  4: Lay the paving stones
  5: Fix outdoor outlet to the stump
  6: Outdoor GFCI outlet for garden
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Install Outdoor outlet 
Landscaping in progress
Tree stump
Strapping the tree trunk

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Outdoor outlet
Decorative tree stump as outdoor outlet post
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