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Water Garden Landscaping Ideas

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In summer 2004, I had the idea to dig a small garden pond located to east of the country house.

 The water garden is on a plateau, just before a small slope.

One dimension ends 30' X 19'
(9 m x 5.7 m), the pond has a maximum 28" depth (2' 4" or 70 cm).

DIY Water Garden - DIY Pond Stream - Backyard Pond
How to landscape a water garden
  Building Steps
  1: Mark the outline and dig the Pond
  2: Install Pond Liner and Geotextile
  3: Fill the Backyard Pond
  4: Edging idea for an Aquatic Garden
  5: Pond Landscaping Design Ideas
  6: Planting and growing Water Plants
  7: Pond Winterizing - Pond De-Icer
  8: Tips - Filters Pumps - Pond supplies
  9: Pond Fish care - Koi and Goldfish
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Installing flexible pond liner
DIY Garden Pond - Cheap Pond Liner - Dig a water garden
Pond outline and forms

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