DIY Cold Room - Build Cold Storage Room In Basement

How to build a Positive Cold Room with Vegetable storage Bins

Food storage idea - Root cellar design - Canning jars shelves - Gravity ventilation system

In 2003, I decided to build myself a cold storage room in the basement of the house.

The goal was to store garden vegetables, canning and canned beverages.

Of course, one of my wishes was to be able to walk in the positive cold storage room to access
to the storage shelves and vegetable bins (Walk-in Cold Room).


DIY Potatoes Bins - DIY Cold Room - Root cellar - Wire mesh bins
Positive Cold storage Room Building Guide
  Building Steps
  1: Framing and ventilation system
  2: Installing storage shelves
  3: Build the vegetable bins
  4: Building Tips and finishing
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Cold Storage Room Shelves - DIY Walk In Cold Room - shelving cold room
Sherlving cold storage room
Cold storage room Fan - Build Canning storage Room - Food storage ideas - ventilating cold room
How to ventilate a cold room

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Cold storage room
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