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DIY Rustic Split Rail Fence - Installing Fence Posts and Fence Rails

How to build an Inexpensive fence with Cedar Split-rails

Country fence - Tips for attaching fence rails - Installing rail between posts - Garden decoration ideas

In 2010, to give a more rustic look in front of the house, I decided to build a cedar rail fence (ancestry or country style). I Can not find anything on the Internet to help me.

So I share to you my experiment as a result of field observations and building.

Rustic fence - Build rustic rail fence - Split rail fence idea
Rustic Split-Rail fence
  Building Steps
  1: Establish outline - Tools & material
  2: Dig fence post holes - Install Posts
  3: Rails height - Install them with wire
  4: Finishing Cedar Fence and outcome
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DIY Rustic Split-rail Fence - Country Fence Ideas - attaching fence rails
How to attach fence rails

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Split-rail fence
Split-rail Fence in Front Yard Garden - 4 Easy steps
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