Seed scarification - How to scarify seeds - Scarifying seeds - Seed scuffer - Seed starting tips

DIY Seed Scarification Method - How to Scarify Seeds

Stratifying and Soaking seeds before planting

Improving germination rate - Make tools for scratching seeds - Native plants - Seed soaking tips

Do you know what's the seed scarification method?

How to make a seed scuffer?

See this step-by-step instructions for improving germination rates with seed scarification technique.

 Learn how to scarify and soak seeds!  

Ready for breaking, scratching and altering your seeds coats!


DIY Seed Scarification - How to scarify seeds - Scarifiying seeds
How to scarify seeds with a scuffer
  Step-by-step Instructions
  1: Scarifying Seeds - Material needed
  2: Making a tool for scratching seed coats
  3: Scarify seeds with Sandpaper
  4: Soak seeds before planting
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How to soak seeds - Soaking seeds method - Soaking seeds before planting
Soaking Seeds
Seeds that need scarification - Improve the germination rates of your seeds
Scratching Seed Coat

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Soaking seeds
Method for improving seeds germination rate
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