DIY Starting Seedlings Indoors

How to start seeds in your basement

Grow table - Growing lamps - Seed starting stand - Seed starter rack - Ways to hang grow lights - Heat mats

How to start your seeds indoors under grow lights in your basement ?

It's easier than you think!

Choose the right spot in your basement for installing your grow table and hanging your growing lamps over it. Get some basic supplies and equipment and that's it!

 Check out this how-to guide.
Get ready for indoor gardening!

Seed Starting DIY
Filling the peat pot before putting them in trays
  DIY Instructions
  1: Starting seeds indoors - Growing guide
  2: Setup grow table for starting seeds
  3: Turn a workbench into a grow table
  4: Use chains for hanging grow lights
  5: Select the best grow light
  6: Hang grow lights from ceiling studs
  7: Choose a grow light timer
  8: Choose the seed starting potting mix
  9: Trays and containers for starting seeds
  10: Seed starting accessories and tools
  11: Water seeds and seedlings
  12: Sources to buy Seeds
  13: Ways to label seedlings
  14: Seed scarification method
  15: Cold stratification method
  16: Soaking seeds before planting
  17: Seed starting calendar - Planning tools
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Starting seeds indoors
Starting seeds indoors - Tips and advice
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