DIY Wintering Geraniums - How to Grow Geraniums Over the Winter

Saving geraniums over winter

Growing geraniums - Overwintering geraniums - Wintering geraniums - How to grow geraniums - Gardening tips

How to keep your geraniums from one year to the next?

Why not to dig out and transplant them in container as pots or planters before the first frost and bring them indoors?  

Find out this tutorial for overwintering your geraniums as houseplants!


Wintering Geraniums
Geranium Care Overwintering Geraniums
  Steps for winterizing
  1: Dig up geraniums before the first frost
  2: Prepare plants for transplanting
  3: Pot fertilize and water geraniums
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How to grow potted geraniums - Saving geraniums before the first frost
Potting geraniums for winter
Overwintering Geraniums as Houseplants
Saving geraniums over winter

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Overwintering geraniums
Overwintering geraniums indoors - 3 Easy Steps
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