DIY Using Wood Ash at home and in your Garden

Chemical properties and uses for wood ash from wood stove or fireplace

Organic gardening - Sheet mulching method - Chicken manure - Potting mix - Peat moss

Your wood stove ash bucket is full?

Ashes from fireplace or bonfire too...

Maybe you can reuse these ashes in your garden for different uses! 

Just to know some basic informations and you are ok to use it properly. 

 Check out this how-to guide.
Uses for wood ash in your garden!

Wood stove - Ash pan
Ash bucket under a wood stove
  Properties and uses
  1: Chemical properties of wood ash
  2: Reduce ammonia & acidity in manure
  3: Fertilize & neutralize acidic soil
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Wood ash on chicken manure pile 
Adding ash on manure pile
Wood ash in potting mix
Wood ash in potting mix

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Wood ash
Some ideas for the use of wood ash in garden
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