DIY Wood Fence - Backyard Privacy

How to build wood fence with framed lattice panels to top

Fence gate - Garden accents - Gate wheels - Fence panels - Fence hardware - Decorative trellis ideas

How to build a wood fence ?

Wood fence adds privacy!

This step-by-step DIY instructions will help you for building a treated-wood garden fence with a trellis added to the top of the fence panels!

Check out this tutorial to know this DIY Idea!

DIY wood fence
Treated-wood Fence with gate
  Building steps
  1: Install spikes & set 4x4x8s fence posts
  2: Attach panels to posts
  3: Build and install the fence gate
  4: Strengthen fence posts
  5: Attach lattice panels to the top fence
  6: Decorative trellis idea
  7: Wood fencing - landscaping idea
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Privacy wood fence
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