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How to build a stone path - How to make a pond de-icer - How to build a chicken run

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Stone Path from Tombstones
Stone Path
1: Required materials and tools
2: Prepare the walkway base
3: Lay the stones
4: Finishing Fill joints between stones
Hardscaping Project
Make a Pond De-Icer
Pond Heaters and Pond De-icers
1: Pond de-icer - Materials
2: Making a pond de-icer
3: Power cable and power supply
4: Installing the pond de-icer
5: Starting and operating de-icer
6: Monitoring during winter
Overwintering Garden Pond Tips
Step-by-step Instructions
Backyard pond 
Water Garden Design
Large Chicken Run
Chicken run 
1: Install chicken run's frame posts
2: Build the frame
3: Install chicken wire to enclose walls
4: Make the doors
5: Attach doors to aviary's frame
6: Bury chicken wire
7: Strengthen the walls
8: Design and finishing
Smallholding Project
Deck Staining Tips
Deck staining tips 
Deck Maintenance Tips
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